Ansul Foray damage

I am seeking an inspector with the specific ability to identify electrical and structural damage due to corrosion from ammonium phosphate due to delayed and improper cleanup of ABC fire extinguisher agents. I would also like an opinion on the use of what is termed “chimney bombs”, an unofficial method of fighting chimney fires. Please help as my adult daughter and I both feel our health is being affected and all three of our indoor pets have died from what the vet feels is poisoning. Additonally numerous applicances, computer parts, electrical switches have either had to be repaired or replaced due to what appears to be corrosion issues.
Below see photos of an electrical switch that has stopped working, our air handler with melted fins and rusted housing, the air scrubber filter that was used, and our three much loved pets that have died. We have heard recently of other similar Ansul Foray, ABC fire extinguisher chimney bomb uses that have resulted in total losses. In one case the homeowner died and in the other the husband has been recently diagnosed with non inheritable ALS, that the University Hosp. is thinking may be the result of the Ansul Foray exposure. I too am having debilitating nerve,sye, lung, and thyroid complaints.

Please help,
Elizabeth O’Nan
396 Sugar Cove Road
Marion, NC 28752
Phone: 828 724 4221