Answer or not

Hello Inspectors,
I like to get input on answering or not answering your phone while on an inspection? there’s always 2 sides with many views.

  1. suppose it is another client wanting to schedule answer it? tell them your on an inspection and get name and number call back, to allow your client see how busy you are? or in demand?
    2 Leave it turned off. /silent- message left to give current client full atten. call number back


We found an answering machine is not the best Idea .
.Been on one call and called the person back in less then a minute they had frequently Called another inspector .
We used it as a back up only and tried to answer all calls .

Answer it! If you don’t, they’ll call the next one on the list. I’ll give them a quick quote on the phone, explain that I’m doing an inspection, ask them to submit my online inspection request and tell them I’ll call them back asap. This works when I’m driving too.

If the client with me at the inspection get’s upset that I answered, I remind them that I took their call too.

Thanks guys, That’s the line of thinking I was on also answer it with a quick note for them. if not answered they call the next one on the list. This also shows how much your services are in demand if the client is watching.

Always answer the phone.

Upon arrival, when describing how my inspection would be run, the answering the phone possibility would be put out there so the present client was not surprised if I answered. Never a problem since I had already loaned them a pad/clipboard and pen to write things down.

Good Idea Larry on allowing them to write things down including things to keep eye out on during final walk through.

That’s what I do.

However, there still are instances where I cannot answer the phone. For example, even though I take the phone with me into these 8" crawl spaces, there’s just no way I can answer the phone within four rings. So when it goes to voice mail, I encourage them NOT to hang up and move on to the next inspector but instead to leave a voice mail and they’ll hear from me within 30 minutes. And they do.

I encourage message leaving by using a voice message similar to this:

“Oh, no! You’ve reached my voice mail which allows you to save $50 on your home inspection. Simply leave a message and I’ll call you back within 30 minutes… Unless I’m dead.”

I like that. :):slight_smile:

That’s FANTASTIC Russell!!! :slight_smile:

Your current clients probably booked the inspection on the phone while you were at an inspection. I don’t think people mind, and if they do, you’re already inspecting their house…

I cannot understand how Inspectors have clients tag along, answer phone calls/book Inspections, etc. Inspecting is hard enough and requires all of my attention/time/energy. Having to deal with this “stuff,” while Inspecting/working, is completely ludicrous, IMO.

It’s extremely rude to interrupt a client to take a non-emergency (family member, etc.) call! You’re being paid to work for them and that is their time. Voice mail was created for a reason and if you’re concerned about those that want instant gratification by instant phone answering then hire a call service to handle your calls when you are not able to.

Please correct me if I am wrong but as I read this you are inferring that once you have the client sign your contract, and are actually on site to perform the inspection, that the way the client can be treated is now different than when you are trying to get their business?

I guess it depends on how comfortable one is with one’s own inspection protocols while doing an inspection. I have my inspection routine set out on paper. So I tell my Clients that they should feel free to interrupt me at any time because once the interruption is finished I simply go back to where I was interrupted and carry on. I say all that while pointing at my inspection sheets.

My inspection sheets also have been plasticized. Thus I can use a non-permanent marker on them. Once I get home, the first thing I do is take a picture of the sheets and file them in the Client’s digital folder. Then I do the report. Then I erase the markings and use the plasticized sheets again. Saves a ton on paper costs.

Great idea!

As I also tell my Clients: “I’m working for you today, so you should feel free to follow me around, watch me, talk to me… Or ignore me! When I finish, I’ll gather everyone around and go over any problems I’ve found, anything interesting or idiosyncratic, introduce you to the property, and answer any questions you might have. I want to make sure you are happy with what I’ve tried to do for you today before we all leave.”

Russel - did you steal my plastic paper trick? :wink:
I use that for many applications also.

As for your clients “invite”, the Important thing is to let your client know you are going to go over everything before you leave.

If they stop you, stop. If I cover it then, I don’t have to do it later. Does not really effect your time on site if you have a “system” like Russel has. Hopefully your are proficient enough not to get riled over a client’s question.

As for the phone thing; bluetooth and keep working.
If you talking with the client, have a message like Russel has.
At least, have a “call rejection message” on your phone that you can select. Not all, but many calls come in by a smart phone.

As for your friends and family; why are they in your business phone to start with?
Set the ringer on your phone for them if they are.
Reject their call if your in site of your client.

Most of my clients tell me to take the call. I never do though.

Was this a blooper or did you actually infer and mean this?

I use a blue tooth on inspections. If I’m NOT with the client, etc I’ll answer it OTHERWISE it rolls to VM. My personality won’t put up with what I consider RUDE behaviour ESPECIALLY if you’re on my nickel.

The VA recently outsourced me to a retired VA dentist for replacing 3 cracked crowns. Small office with 1 asst / phone answerer / hygenist, etc. Nice guy, real jovial, funny. Had his cell phone in the room. Answered it and talked to patients 2-3 times during my appointment. Next day I called VA and explained they’d need to get another dentist to finish up CAUSE he was not gonna be the one.

I’ve been in Dillards trying to buy a sport coat while the sales clerk was chatting on the phone with BF about what movie to see that night … I walked after stopping by customer service to file a complaint.

Its like doing a summary at the end of the inspection AND having a buyer take calls from their office 2 - 3 times. I’m not rude, but after the 2nd call I just look at my watch and politely say …