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Someone [FONT=&quot]thin[FONT=&quot]ks[FONT=&quot] it’s poor form to ask for help[FONT=&quot], opinions and discussions in this manner, so I’ll refrain. Was simply trying to validate several [FONT=&quot]sample questions I wanted to understan[FONT=&quot]d better. [FONT=&quot]My apologies[FONT=&quot].[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

And your answer is? Don’t ask us to answer it for you.

Why not isn’t that what this BB is about? :wink:

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I’d say B

Chris, do the Nachi practice exam questions. I used this for my test prep and you will be fine.

Ahhh the Tom Sawyer method.

I say B.

Is it too late for the party?
I just ran across this question, and google brought me here. I also thought the answer is B.lack a wire mesh, but it’s Wrong.
The right answer according to online resources is,
C.Can be installed on top of a modified bitumen membrane. ( weird and doubtful )
Anyway, I hope David is passed his test and has become a successful home inspector.

What was the online resource?

Hi Brian, from what I study, EIFS is a two coat process that finished on fiberglass mesh. Stucco that requires a wire mesh do aheard on.
So, shouln’t asswer B, s right?

I’m just trying to determine what resource you found that says “C”

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The source was from a site called Quizlet which has study questions like Internachi, but I find some answers are not very accurate base on what I learned on Internachi. For example, I don’t agree with their “correct” answer. Do you think the answer is correct?

The inspector encounters a steam boiler that is shut down for the season. The inspector has been trained to inspect steam boilers but rarely sees them. What is the BEST method for dealing with this situation? Quizlet says the correct answer is A.

A. Visually inspect the boiler, report any visible defects, and note limitations
B. Tell the client that you are not qualified to inspect steam boilers
C. Report that the boiler was shut down
D. Turn on the boiler and fully inspect it

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Depends on the agreed upon scope of work and standards practice.

You are right, but which one of these is the better answer if you had to pick one?

I agree with Quizlet. The answer is A.


I would pick A for a typical home inspection.


I guess it’s better to respect what is possible and note limitation means the system is shut off? So A includes C?

Cool. I guess it’s better to respect what is possible and note limitation means the system is shut off? So A includes C?

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Yep. Just because it’s shut down doesn’t mean you can’t inspect it. You just can’t test it, which is a limitation. Just like AC when below a certain temp. I still inspect them, but don’t turn them on to test.

Ryan, can you help me with this question.
Q. Sending the inspection report to which party is least likely to be considered an ethical breach by a home inspector? Assume all parties attendanded inspection.

The correct answer is the clients parents, but if all parties attended wouldn’t the correct answer be the client?