Ant issues

My parents have a home they rent out here in Virginia Beach. Lately the tenant has had a real issue with ant infestations throughout the house. I am trying to find out what I can about what attracts ants and what you all have found to be the best deterrent.

There has always been a minor issue with ants in this area, but I have never seen anything like this before. The tenant is a real clean freak so it is not a food source issue. The vegetation around the house has not changed in recent years. So give me your thoughts on what you have experienced in the past.

The bug company has treated numerous times lately with no real effect. They are very lacking in the customer service department so will be they will be changed soon. What kind of questions should I have for the new bug people so that I know they are up to the task?

It really depends on what kind of ants you are talking about. Dozens (more actually)of varieties and what attracts one variety won’t attract others. Some like grease, some like sweets, some like termites for food. Some just like to annoy the hell out of me every spring when it warms up and they decide to move into the kitchen for week or two. One old time remedy is to use vinegar to block off the scent trails they follow. I once used vinegar in a compost pile that had been infested and they moved out and were no where to be found in less than 24 hours. Recently saw a unbelievable remedy for fire ant mounts. Club Soda!

Ants used to follow me around like a bunch of little puppies. No more, though!

Several Realtors here have had the same success courtesy of my wise old grandmother.