Antbody See This System Before?

New construction. Care to guess what it is?

P9100022 (Small).JPG

P9100021 (Small).JPG

Nope… :slight_smile:

I was thinking leach field bed lines. But I have a hankering it aint!

sh!t grinder??

a particle accelerator?

You know your sh!tBrian.

LOL - when your full of it, some might say you know it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was the 2nd photo that threw me off. It looks like it’s running uphill. As we all know sh!t runs downhill!!! :slight_smile:

It was on a new log home.

P9100024 (Small).JPG

P9100007 (Small).JPG

No pun intended?! :mrgreen:

I can’t stop laughing at that!!!

That was my first guess, but changed my mind when I did not see 3/4" stone backfill around it.

Is that the way it is designed to be installed Linas? Never seen it before.

Marcel :slight_smile:

That’s the first time I ever seen it. The website info was stamped on the components. I had no idea what it was until I went online to look it up. There was no stone backfill used.

Linus, do you have the link available, I am curious to learn more of that Product.

Thanks in advance.

Intersting design.

Marcel :):smiley:

Here is what I used on my house in TN, about 7 years ago.

Just simple 8" (I think) corrugated piping with the sock installed.

Link is here Marcel

Thanks Linus,
Good info. Learn something new every day.