Anthes Boiler Age?

Needs some help with this one, model number is WN12, S/N is ABD43. The shape of the boiler is round and the heat exchanger is steel. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

I believe on that one that the third letter is the year, but you have a choice of 1974 or 1995. Use other clues (such as the construction date of the house, construction date inside toilet tanks or at electric panels, etc.) to determine which it is.

Thanks Russel, by the condition of the boiler it looks like 1974 would be more likely.

Or condition of the boiler. :margarit:

I was told by a Weil Mclain rep to look at various components like the relief valve, pump, fill valves and check there dates to see if any match.

He stated as a rep that he would have to call there service number to ask for dates.