Antique Thermostat?

I have a pre-loaded comment in my software. “It has been shown that a newer, digital, programmable thermostat can lower heating and cooling costs”.

I can’t recommend this thing be replaced. It is working, and it looks really cool.

Chryler Air Temp must have been before my time.

Hoping Charley B can shed some light…

2608 Bland Rd-Millner 058.JPG

We had one like that in my boyhood home.


They went out of business or were bought out many years ago I worked on many units of that brand I seem to remember they had Carlisle compressors that in my opinion were not durable time wise.

Yes you can recommend replacement they just don’t have to replace it:p;-)

Here is the history on Chrysler they were actually bought out by Fedders now that I read about it I do remember the buy out

Thanks Charlie! As usual, you are very helpful.

I actually recommended he install a new thermostat in the larger, front living room, and just disconnect this one, but leave it for show and tell. It’s in a small dining room.

The house has never had Air Conditioning, and a dinosaur 1979 gas furnace with cracked heat exchanger, so he’s gonna either walk or have that stuff replaced by the seller.

Curious if you include this narrative for heat pump systems?

Yep, if it’s an older, mercury bubble type.


Who showed that? How can a programmable thermostat lower heating costs? Answer, it can’t. All it can do is turn a heating or cooling appliance on or off, same as a manual stat.

A program is just a decision made by the user to maintain certain temps at certain times, something that can also be done manually. A programmable thermostat can also just as easily be programmed to raise costs. It is not a substitute for a brain.

Furthermore they are needlessly complicated gadgets, less user friendly or intuitive to operate, less reliable and will not last as long as that old mercury one you pictured.
And no, I am not a luddite, just someone who believes that technology has its place and new is not always better.
Michael C made the right call not recommending replacement on this one, but maybe consider recommending that all manual thermostats be kept forever :slight_smile:

Two words… ‘convenience’ and ‘laziness’! Like tv remote controls, people are too lazy to get off their arses and do something. :wink:

It’s my opinion that using a digital setting, say 69 degrees in winter, would save money over a wheel with numbers, where the temp setting is a guess.

It is also best when two people work all day, and they can set the thing for 62 degrees until 30 minutes before they get home, and same thing at night.

Some are difficult to program, some aren’t so bad. I don’t have a problem programming my digital thermostat.

Like I said, it is pre-loaded in my software-I didn’t write it or make it up. I may take out “it has been proven” and insert “it is my opinion”.

After all, they are, in fact, paying me for my opinion.

Some people can not program a VCR does it mean they are BS I think not.

They have thermostats that can be operated from a smart phone its not the device itself that saves money its how you use it. One must be smarter than a fence post to operate modern technology

Who still has vcr?

50 50 whether its lower or higher than actual :slight_smile: I have three digital thermometers. I set em all side by each and not one reads the same.

If people really want to save money on heat set the stat at 55 and leave it there. Wear lots of sweaters and fuzzy bunny slippers when cold.

I wish I could convince my wife of that. She walks around in shorts and tank top when it’s 15 degrees outside, and wants me to turn up the heat or turn the gas logs on in the fireplace. “It’s my house-I shouldn’t have to dress like I’m outside when I’m inside”.

Do I argue with her? Just celebrated 32nd Anniversary, so you know that answer! :smiley:

So my** Digital **Thermostat goes to 74, and I strip down to shorts and tank top and pay double the gas bill…

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Yes, there’s a quarter still taped to the needle holder to keep the warped records from skipping!

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You are, indeed, twisted, my friend.

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