Any body recognize this material?

My neighbor. whose home I inspected some time back when they moved here called me over to inquire about a material that’s been collecting on top of her fireplace glass door frame. Not sure what it is. It’s a walk-out basement home with concrete block basement and frame upper with lots of wood siding on the upper. Carpenter ants, maybe? The material is dropping out from behind the wooden faux mantle plate.

That’s what it looks like.

Yes, it does look like carpenter ant frass.

I am positive and here are pictures from 2 weeks ago I took.



Met the Exterminator and he explained the nest must be found which can be up to .5 miles away then spray applied twice a year.

You need to make sure no structural damage.

100% that looks like frass.
Check out the back end which is fuzzy and by the way the Lawyer saw that closeup and referred me.

Pictures are just fluff though right?:slight_smile:

insect carcass.jpg

Begin by removing all of the “highway” shown in pic #5.

You sure can’t tell that is carpenter ants Bob!:smiley:

Get rid of vegetation on chimney wall, call an exterminator