Any Clue What This Is?

I found this (see pic) in a closet of a Condo built in late 1999 here in Tamarac Florida.

Serious answers only please!


The only thing that makes sense, to me, to hide away like that would be a security system alarm horn. In a condo there may be no attic space to squirrel it away. Just a guess though, Harvey. I couldn’t find anything that looked like it online.

it looks like a vent with some kind of filter???

You got me ( confussed emoticon here)

Is that the return air chamber? Could be an air freshener. A lot of people around here put them in there.

Looks like an air freshner to me???

It is attached by a bracket. It is a fire sprinkler

I was wondering if it was something like a zoolite canister, to keep mustiness out of a closet.

Good to hear from you again, Harvey; I’ll be in your backyard next week!


I don’t know what it is, but if you look closely, there is a conduit strap nailed to the wall just below the perforated cap. This is the top of something that goes down.

Scott Falvey

:shock: -X

I agree with Kevin, Its an air freshener.

Yet air freshner I’d bet

Interior or Exterior closet?

It is behind a sprinkler…but how does that relate?





I don’t know what it is…a vent? Is it venting Radon or Methane to an exterior closet from a foundation?

How about a Hurricane Siren…behind a sprinkler…?

Where is It…Inside or Outside???

Doesn’t look bigger than a bread box.

Hey Harvey:
They are very common in the country of MIAMI. It is an air freshner. Miss the mettings in florida. Se all at the convention.

Wow Mary.