Any concerns about this trap?

Wondering if there is a real issue here? is it worth mentioning as an s-trap. would there be any recommendation to fix this.
Myself i am thinking its ok but i am throwing it out there for some more opinions.

It appears to be a s-trap call it out.

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I would that is a S-trap.

say that is a S-trap.

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And the bowl under the supply?

That’s mouse feeder…:grinning:

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Not sure why that was there. Looked like it was for a pet. No leak observed.

I have tested hundreds of these designs with thermal imaging.
I have only found a handful that did not operate properly. I still call them out because they are wrong, but I like to know if they really fail.

Did you fill the sink with water and let it rip?
If it makes a bunch of noise during and after the flush, it’s bad and must be considered for replacement.

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Same here

I live in an old home and have a couple S-traps. Never get around to correcting them but I haven’t had a problem in 15 years.

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I did. It was slow and had gurgles. But nothing alarming. Just a tad slow and the gurgling noise and it was not happening persistently.

I call that supporting evidence that it is in fact an issue, not just non-code compliance.

For any new inspector; you can find non-compliant issues in your inspection all day long. The key is to document the actual deficiency present as a result of your observations and increase their priority for your clients consideration.

You can say “This construction is non-standard or not complaint to today’s building codes”, but it’s being there that way for 30 years without issue is a lot different than showing an active defect of why it is no longer allowed in constriction standards.

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The client was walking around with me and I did show him and mentioned that to him. The location was a wet bar in the basement. I did also mention it in the report and put illustration.

The problem with this is not just because it’s an “S” Trap configuration as much as it is not properly vented.
Common in wet bars.

If you install a “P-Trap” w/o a vent it will still not work…

I couldn’t prove that it was not attached to the vent stack. So it way we’ll be vented but as I mentioned after a few more drain - fill cycles it got better. I still called the S-trap.