Any expierence with 200% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Was curious how effective this 200% satisfaction guarantee offered by many inspectors is and if any inspector has ever had to cash in on their 200% Guarantee? Please advise on your experience with this, both positive and or negative.

A 100 percent guarantee means you are perfect. 200 percent means you are more than perfect. Ask your question again

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If I saw an ad or website that offered 200% I would not even consider the company.
It sounds too suspicious & desperate to me :cowboy_hat_face:

Are you referring to the Buyback Guarantee?

Not the buyback guarantee. The companies i am seeing doing this are offering the customer their money back if they are not satisfied and agreeing to pay the cost to have the home reinspected by another inspector. I think ill stick with the 100% guarantee that goes without saying. Just do whats right and whats fair.