Any feedback on the Corentium Pro?

It is one of the locations I place the monitor.
Again there are no state protocols here, so the EPA guidelines are followed.
And there is no state list of approved devices.

This is from the EPA guidelines. Bold is mine.

• The detector should be at least 50 centimeters (20 inches) from the floor, and at least 10
centimeters (four inches) from other objects. For those detectors that may be suspended, an
optimal height is in the general breathing zone, such as two to 2.5 meters (about six to eight
feet) from the floor

Just finished my first inspection with the Pro. I felt like it did a great job and produced the accuracy required. It is an approved instrument. Air Things has been very helpful with hardware and software questions. I may end up writing some addition html to augment their software. If you would like to see a report with real data I am happy to make it available. I tried to post it, but got an error, must be to big.

Does it meet New York state reporting requirements for ELAP? Does the company act as the elap, cuase a tester (home inspector) can not do the analysis, see link below…

Hi all:

My impression of the Norwegian corentium pro after 4 years of use is negative. I will tell you my experience.

The equipment in theory is very complete, it is light and allows to work with batteries, so it promises good performance.

Software: Acceptable, allows working in the cloud and has improved. It is the best of the equipment.

Sensitivity: Poor, being photodiodes it is lazy and collects few beads, so you have to wait several hours to get a reliable value.

Accuracy: Acceptable, it is not the 7% that the manufacturer says, but it is under 20% after verifying it with a sarad rtm 2200 SG. Airthings calibrates the corentium pro for sale by comparing it with other pro´sthat had been calibrated, this is not a very serious system. Airthings should calibrate the pro’s against professional reference equipment such as Alphaguard, Sarad, Rad7 or similar.

The accuracy of the thermometer or atmospheric pressure or humidity, are not good, it serves for orientation only.

The movement register of the equipment is not good, it is very sensitive, just a vibration is enough to trigger the movement warning.

Resistance: Bad. After 4 years of use the equipment has been damaged. It has always been cared for, has not been used much and has never been dropped. The manufacturer has told me that one of the 4 photodiodes is broken.

After sales service: ABSOLUTE DISASTER. Very kind, but they tell me that the equipment CANNOT BE REPAIRED.

I repeat, these devices cannot be repaired, they must always be replaced. And the manufacturer only offers me the possibility to buy a new one and pay 700 $ + VAT + shipping cost as the solution.

Can’t the broken photodiode be replaced? No. Really? Yes. Unbelievable.

CONCLUSION: A very powerful but very fragile device. I would not recommend it to anyone.

I have another pro that is 2 years old and I’m already afraid it will break.

This is my experience


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