Any GIN Members here?

Anyone here a member of:

if yes can you PM me…Thanks

I love Gin (Tom Collins actually), and I was an alcoholic for years. To prove to myself that I beat the disease, I left an open bottle of Gin on my kitchen counter for over 2 years! Every now and then I’d take a sip and stop. I trained myself to stop after 1 drink or even 1 sip. I finally finished off the bottle, 1 little sip at a time.

I know, AA would never agree that this is an acceptable method. But it worked for me. One has to face his demons head on… then the demons run away.

Oh, wrong “Gin”, sorry. :wink:

Great story Nick…glad it worked out for you and its been all good from there:D

The way I beat it (and it sounds nuts cause I really didn’t beat it), was to admit to myself that I’m going to continue to get drunk every now and then until the day I die. The only change I made is that I now do it safely and rarely.

Once I said the words out loud “Every now and then I’m going to get plastered”, in other words, as soon as I agreed to periodically give myself permission to get drunk… the desire to drink drastically diminished.

I have plenty of booze at my house now and it is so comforting knowing it is right there in plain sight, should I desperately need it… and it is so comforting knowing it is there… that I don’t want it as much.

Sounds nuts, I know.

Being surrounded by my demons put me in charge of them. I might get wasted once a year anymore, and I’m pretty sure it’s just to assure myself that I can and it’s OK.