Any guess

Nice job Peter; I always cringe when I see these valley arrangements. I always have the same thought…where does the water go and what happens when the snow build up.

An illusion or… are the 2 slopes of the left side of the house not the same rise and parallel as are the 2 over the garage? IMO, that would be a design error.

Hi Mark,
you should have seen the damage to the shingles because someone went up there and hacked away at the ice. Picture didn’t come out to good.

Funny thing, it started to rain pretty hard while I was packing up and my client and the Realtors came out and saw the water running out of the soffits and from behind the siding.

I didn’t even get the chance to go inside with my IR camera!!!

Poor roof design

some one putting there truck in the garage?

Oh the brown staining on the grass? Any depression, if not I would tell them to water it.:cool: