Any Idea what this is for?

On an inspection yesterday, there were two large Eye bolts sticking out of the roof. I could not get the area of the attic to see how they were attached. The bolts when down through lead plumbing boots and roof tar had been poured in around them to fill the lead boot.

They look like they were put there as tie off anchors but that does not make sense. The home is one story and about a 4/12 pitch. Also one of the bolts is only located about 4 feet from the edge of the roof.

Anyone have an idea what they are for?

Could be old TV or ham radio tower support cables .

A possibility that I hadn’t considered.

The things we see. If it’s on the front of the house I would say to tie off Santa.
Suppose the vent boot is not actually over a vent pipe?

That’s the beauty of this forum ,Usually some one comes up with a different way of doing things or seeing things .

I was thinking like Roy :slight_smile:

What is the pitch?

Thats why I love this forum, we all learn new things everyday:D

More info required .

could be resin?
Music ?
Thick dark stuff ?
Put up a tent ?

Thanks for the chance to get a… Roy

Guy wire supports…

When I first saw them from the ground, I thought that the bolts had been stuck down a vent pipe. When I got up on the roof, I saw that the plumbing boot was completely filled. I probed it with my screw driver and it appeared to be tar. Not roof cement but the hot melted kind that gets hard when it solidifies.

As a ham radio operator I like this idea. Kc0bih

S and Mrooftop game(s) tiedowm.

That was my thought also. Santa and his rein deer;-)

Rated for 140 mph wind speed:shock: