Any Idea what this was for? Grow house or Meth Lab?

Found this the other day in a foreclosure,

They cut the truss to gain easy access.

They hung an orange tank up side down from a truss over the garage.

At least one of the pipes coming out of the tank, led down through the ceiling into the garage. The Bank has clearly done repairs to the garage walls and ceiling, and repainted.

There was a plastic laundry/utility sink (not presently hooked up) in the same area of the attic.

Looks like an expansion tank for an old boiler. But that makes no sense for FL.

How about a tempering tank ahead of the water heater?

It would get hot enough up there to do that!

Maybe a auto watering system to grow in the sink. was the sink water tight?

Did not notice if the sink was water tight. My impression was the sink was used for storage or mixing.

The sink had to be connected with the tank. There was no other reason to drag it so far into the attic.

The tank is not a plumbing bladder. It has a ring on it’s bottom like on a gas tank. It was clearly designed to stand on it’s own.