Any idea who the manufacturer is?

Had a furnace today with no indication of who the manufacturer is.

Also all the instruction labels were in both English and French!

Please take a look at the pictures and let me know if you have any idea of who the manufacturer is. Thanks!



Google says…

**Luxaire furnaces that start with the model numbers: PAKU, PBKM, and PBKD

Or also might be York.


A Flex connector entering the housing to the metering valve… A no no around here…:wink:

It comes back as Brand: FRASER JOHNSTON (Also Luxaire) , Power or Power Vent / Noncondensing, Nonweatherproof

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We’re on the same page Patrick…I saw it too. Here is what I put in the report…

• Improve: The flexible appliance fuel (gas) connector should terminate prior to entering the furnace appliance cabinet wall. Only rigid gas pipe should pass through the cabinet wall. As is, this represents a potential gas leak condition.