Any Idea Why?

Does anyone know why sometimes when google chrome shows me a misspelled word I try to correct it it does not do it and I must do it manually? It does not happen all the time only sometimes.

Perfect example I just had mispelled misspelled and it worked fine but I had consultant in my last post spelled wrong and it did not fix it?

Just curious if anyone knows why or if it can be fixed. Not sure if it is an issue with any other browsers. It seems maybe 1/4 of misspelled worda will not correct when I try to fix in the normal manner.

See above worda should have been words and it marks it wrong but will not correct it when I right click on it and left click on the proper spelling???

Things that make me go Hmmmmmmm :smiley:

My spell check has been like that a few days.
I think they screwed something up and gotta correct it.

I believe that Google is selling a CMS that will solve the problem.

This could be why.

I guess you did not read my post thoroughly :wink:

I Gave Live Examples :smiley:

I guess you did not read the article:shock:. It explains that Google is auto-correcting words differentky now;)