Any ideas on these blocks?

Block foundation walls were discolored. At first I thought they were wet but not so. It almost looks like someone added granules to the blocks like a parge coat. Some blocks look replaced. No basement on the other side of the blocks in this section, garage side of the home. Any ideas? Home was built in the 60s.

I see new CMU’s and new mortar.
Looks like a repair.


Perhaps (colored) “Cinder” blocks" with Cement block repairs…

Cinder block

Concrete block

  • Usually made of concrete and coal cinders.

  • Constitutes of steel, wood or cement.

  • Much lighter as compared to the latter because of the proportion of the aggregate components.

  • Usually heavier than cinder block.

  • Not very tough hence often avoided utilized in some places.

  • Can withstand far more as compared to cinder blocks and so in some places use of cinder block is prohibited on purpose.

  • These are more prone to bowing and buckling and repairs are usually very costly so it is generally avoided.

  • Much efficient as compared to the former as it can withstand much pressure.

  • Have rendered almost obsolete as it has not been mass produced in about 50 years now.

  • Much in use for its obvious strengths and advantages over the former.

  • Do not have significant amount of tensile strength.

  • Used in simultaneously as a mixture with cinder vertically to form a reasonably priced tough structure because of its large tensile strength.

Thanks for your assistance guys.