Any ideas what this is ?

In the crawl space?




Probably a contactor cabinet for electric heating or ice melt system.

Jim King

The cables that exit on the left appear to be snow melt cables used on roofs.

We don’t have those down here but we do have automatic freeze guards on our pool equipment systems.

Don’t y’alls melt systems have similar features?

Barry these heat cable are self regulating. The resistance changes automatically and therefore the heat output.

Thanks for the help

That is HIGHLY doubtful.

They look like old cloth NM cable.

What does it say on the lower right corner. It looks like maybe “Light Modulator”.

The mfg is Schlumberger. I honestly have no idea what it is.

A company called “Schlumberger” used to make solar power contollers…

Sangamo Weston (name at lower left) is a division of Schlumberger that built a slew of electronic control equipment. The lettering at the top says SUM (summer) and WTR (winter) and On/Off with an indicator lamp. The bottom right lettering in undecipherable but looks like “xxxx modulator”. I don’t know what it is but the lettering may help.

That’s probably it. An old solar array. If the panels are gone the board is likely just along for the ride at this point.

Perhaps I have tunnel vision but anytime I see the toggle switches (summer/winter) I think HVAC controls as we use that scenario on large commercial/industrial control systems Heat has one set of controllers and A/C has another set and must be switched manually for the season. Don’t have any idea why that box would be in a crawl space on a residential construction. Far out. I would have opened the panel.

That is what I thought…probably used as a junction box now…(just a guess) and I would have, most likely, opened it also. :wink:

Well…I have no idea but I could comment on the fact I hope no one enters that unit and does so laying over the COPPER pipes in front of it…poor choice of installation location.