Any Ideas ?

a white stucco home done in a brick pattern black mold on exterior any suggestions for safe removal I’m not sure of useing a high pressure wash on stucco does not sound like a good idea to me any suggestions

Yes, hand it off to a professional remediation company.

No high pressure! Muratic acid mixed 50/50 with water put on with a brush or a sprayer and lots of elbo!

Wet the wall then apply the mixture and scrub and rinse!

Are you sure it is mold and not moss?I would just do like Larry says and report it as organic growth.

And or do what larry said!

no its mold the moss was on the roof

thanks carl I will pass that along, the son wants to sell the home and was looking for ways to clean it up without calling in a remedation co.

Bleach 50/50 with water might also do it!

thanks again Carl

That is what I was hoping Carl would say.The acid is extremely caustic and needs to be neutralized with Baking Soda whereas at least you can dilute bleach with plain old water.DIY types need to use a lot of caution with that stuff ,so make sure you tell him to protect his eyes and skin.
I know it sounds dumb,but not everybody can hold a screwdriver or work with caustic chemicals

Good pointes Robert!

thanks Robert I will pass that on to the guy, they have no interest in pro mold removal at all, I told them this is a issue that should be dealt with hopefully they will try these suggestions and then call someone thanks for your help

If there is black mold visible on the exterior, what does that tell us about moisture problems within the wall? There may be more serious issues here, and an exterior wash may get rid of the surface problem, but my guess is that this is only a temporary fix. Thoughts?

As Jimmy pointed out cleaning the mold does not solve the underlying problem. Moisture problem should be repaired instead of being passed on to the next family.

Is it all over or just on the north and east sides?

Yeah we all agree on finding the underlying cause,but since it is not part of a report and the guy made it clear it is DIY he is not going to blow his lunch money on Mold Pro.Jimmy or anyone what are the odds on some interior problem between the studs or joists with this kind of situation.Could it be confined to exterior stucco only.Since he mentioned moss does this type of mold go hand in hand with moss or is that something only the specialy trained would know?

How about an IR scan from the inside out?

right part of the problem is a awning over the back door drains on both sides one window trim completley rotted out by water,and yes as a matter of fact it is the no& E sides,I agree about passing on the problems but I am not the seller and he does not want to lay out any cash beyond what he has to that is very clear also there was moss on several other homes in the area