Any Ideas

Can anyone explain what this is? Copper line that ties in to the water heater drain valve and disapears in to the wall.


Just a guess but from little I can see on your picture it may just be a rather complex way to flush the tank without having to run a garden hose. Could you find the other end after it exits the wall on the other side? People do all kinds of weird stuff thinking they are really doing something smart and usually aren’t.

Could not find the end. The room on the outerside was an closed in carport addition. As I was just typing I came up with another possibility. Since it went through the wall to what use to be the carport it could be a ridged way to supply hot water to wash a car…You drain idea is good as well.

Glad I could help. Yeah, you never know what folks are going to do. Just when you think you may have seen everything, someone will surprise you.