Any Issues signing Wind Mit Forms?

Was curious to know if any of you guys have had any issues submitting wind mitigation forms signed with your HI license?

Nope. But in order for this to go smooth be sure and do them right and include the proper pictures to leave all questioning out.

I am sure contractors are waiting for home inspectors to “mess them up” so they can corner the market again, lets give them no excuse. There is a good class here for free and there is a Florida Insurance Inspectors group that can answer any of your questions.

Need anything else?

Thanks Mr. Hensel,

I’ve been doing wind mitigation inspections for nearly four years now and have grown a nice volume of business.

I currently work as a W-2 employee to a profesional engineer but have recently obtained my HI license.

That being said it is very important that my inspections are processed with no issues. I’m trying to get a “feel” to when it will be appropriate to begin signing my own forms.

If I were you, I would be signing my own forms NOW. If you do have issues, a Nachi Management certified auditor could review and certify them for a reasonable fee.

We have been signing them since receiving our licenses. There have not been any issues since we provide them a copy of our license and wind mit certificate from NACHI. Haven’t had any blow back.

I would give it time folks it may be a while before the forms find a way to those who are going to be argumentative. Not being negative just wary that the powers to be may take their time. Accuracy in reporting and research is paramount NOW.