Any members want to be the subject of an article?

Hi all

We want to write an article about an InterNACHI member. It will cover how you got into the inspection business, some interesting things you’ve encountered on the job, what you think of InterNACHI, and more. It would be best if we can talk on the phone about your experiences. If you are interested, either respond to this post or write me a private message with some details about your life and why you think we should write an article about you.

Call me. Office number below.

Rob, I hope you ask Will very probing questions such as “How many orange shirts do you own?”. We want to know the real Will such as “What kind of house did you lose your inspection virginity in?”. Questions like that. Inquiring minds want to know.

I’ll wait for the movie.

Sold. Will, expect a call from me next week