Any Michigan Inspectors here?

If there are a any Michigan home inspectors here, how is business going? I am in the Detroit area and it has been tough.

things are starting to pickup for us July and so far august have been unbelievable

Im west coast (of MI)

How long have you been inspecting?

I have been in the business about 10 years and 5 of them working for myself

What is tough? I spoke to a local inspector recently and he said he was doing real good. After some prodding, he said he was doing 1-2 inspections a week and considered that “doing real good”.

Yeah that sounds about right, but I wouldn’t consider that “real good”.

7 this week for me. That is very good for me

Great idea with the YouTube video, pretty good control for being attacked by a bee, I would have been all over the place

Im actually not too fond of that one, it was a good testimonial. I just dont have anything to replace it yet.

How’s the competition in your area