Any NASCAR fans want Jeff Gordon's tire?

I went to one race. Walked about 3 miles to get to it. So loud. It was pretty fun. Way fun actually, especially when you compare it to watching baseball which is pure torture. I watched a few innings of baseball once, it was like watching paint dry.

For me and I suppose most people once you familiarize yourself with a sporting event and the players it begins to grow on you, but if you have no understanding of the game or players it will be like as you mentioned “watching paint dry” – Boring

Never been to a NASCAR event. Once went to ice racing. That was pretty wild, these guys racing around a frozen lake.
As a kid I loved going to Montreal Expos games. Sitting out in the bleachers in “Jonesville”, named after the outfielder of the day, Mac Jones, waiting for Le Grande Orange, (Rusty Staub) to hit it out…nothing like it and it broke my heart when they left town.

Been a Motorsports Fan all my life, NASCAR,NHRA,IndyCar,ALMS(now the IMSA)… just Love it.

But I do have to admit the wildest thing I ever experienced live was Motorcycle Ice Racing in Wisconsin. Those guys were just plain crazy.

As far as NASCAR, King Richard (Petty) is and always will be my driver of choice. I grew up listening to NASCAR on the radio with my Dad, his driver was Lee Petty,then they started telivising the races and mine became Richard petty and the 43 STP Car, and my sons was Adam Petty (Until his death) then he latched onto the Gordon Bandwagon. (Kids , can’t teach them everything)

I kinda lost my attraction to NASCAR since it went soft, and really now get into Sportscar Racing, basically following the Pratt & Miller Corvette Racing Team.

I was jealous at first but now I’m really jealous.

“Gary, I’ll have Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s tire for you at this event which is only 60 miles away from your home”

I’m a big Hendrick Motor Sports fan :twisted:

I used to be good friends with Tony Stewerts pilot (through his aunt) . I even did his inspection. He doesnt even like to watch the races. :slight_smile: