Any News On SB 2234?

Has anyone heard anything on SB 2234? I know it went to Gov Crist but have not read anything on the subject in a while.

Hi Paul,
Everyone is in morning and working on thier budgets to fit in the new ed requirement that is bull __it.:smiley:

Did it become law? Was it passed?

Unknown at this time, but those that I have talked to seem to think that it is a shoe in unfortunately. I still don’t see how they can enforce some of the things in the bill.

Politicians are a dime a dozen. I have a feeling Charlie Crist was a mistake to vote for. I have watched this guy in the early going. He is appears to be an appeaser like Clinton was only from the other party. So far I have watched him try to pardon Jim Morrison, push tax and insurance reform that will make things worse, and restore rights to convicted felons. Where does this guy come from. I would be surprised if he vetoed the bill too but you never know.

We should know by the end of the week I think, he only had 14 days to do the right thing, but will probable screw it up.:smiley:


He has not received the Bill as of today. I read through the Bill again today. I cannot believe what has been endorsed by the politicians. I made some phone calls over the past few days. Be prepared to cough up some $$ to file an injunction in court.

I will fight the bill with you guys. I am trying to do what all of you are in expressing my dissapproval to the Gov’s office. Jay, do we have ant idea how many are in favor of the bill vs how many oppose the bill? I guess what I am asking is if we really have a chance to fight this.

Only the Gov. office knows.

I have reached out to FABI & ASHI membership to fight the Bill. We will see.


Are you saying that FABI is now against the bill after they endorsed and helped NAHI to get it passed? I would be surprised for sure. If there is one association out there that will be hurt most by this bill, it is FABI they were foolish to have endorsed it. From what I can see the majority of ASHI members in Florida were never in facvor of this bill.

Good luck with your efforts and don’t take any wooden nickles. :slight_smile:

Morning Joe:

Manning and Cabellero are in favor. The Board of Directors at FABI have endorsed the Bill. There are members in the minority of the FABI board who have been fighting the Bill. FABI is not united.

I would not take any wooden **nickels **either!:wink:

Hi to all,

I believe that most parties involved are fairly happy to see this bill be passed. No one is thrilled by it, but as there are 3 years leading up to enactment that any deficiencies in the bill can be addressed.

My assesment of the weak areas includes:

  • No defined standards (SOP & COE)
  • Poor Grandfathering provisions
  • No content that will protect the consumer
  • No content that protects the inspector.

The rocket scientists who wrote this bill are far more interested in protecting their turf than in producing a bill that would offer any protection for the consumer, and worse than that they have never proposed any verbiage in the bill that would protect the inspector from frivolous claims. In this state a past client can sue the inspector for up to 7 years after an inspection, which is crazy based on a limited visual inspection and report of the conditions within the home on the day of the inspection.

These pro-licensing Nimrods should also be protecting the wider inspection industry IMHO (ok forget the H bit)



If the bill does pass, what will NACHI do for its members to help them meet the requirements? Once passed how many changes can take place that affect what an inspector will need to do in Florida to meet the requirements?
Jay, thanks for keeping us all in the loop. Do you think that continuously sending these letters will have any affect at all on Chuckles?

Keep sending the letters. NACHI National has done nothing to support the Florida matter. Everything has been handled at a State Level. Blaine has contacted the Gov. Office.

If passed, expect an announcement about the education requirement through Florida NACHI.

Thanks. We’ll keep on keeping on.

The Bill is garbage

I agree. I am still sending letters daily. I really hope the bill gets vetoed But everyone seems to think the governor will pass it. Judging from this guys short time in office, and what he has considered a priority I am not very confident in his ability to do whats right. This guy appears to be more concerned with winning a popularity contest than doing what is right. I hope I am wrong because I too think the bill is a piece of trash aiming to serve the best interest of the small group of a holes that lobbied for it.

Of the few bills that have been given to him chuckles has not veto’ed any.

Still has not been presented as of 3:00 today.

Who and why are they sitting on this?