Any one heard of this company, ISGN

I received a call today from a out of state company to do " draw inspections " on new construction houses. I had never heard of that term or the company. They do have a web site and seem to be legitimate, it would require tax info and social security numbers on my part ( for payment ) so that makes me leary. I was just wondering if any body had any knowledge about the company or that type of inspection. There web site is thanks, Mark T

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I received a call from them today also. I was just going to do a search, when I saw this thread. You beat me to it.

They must be moving into Minnesota, I’m in Saint Michael just west of the Twin Cities. I checked the links and got the info I suspected but wasn’t sure. thanks everyone

Do a search of ISGN here in the website. There have been many previous discussions on them and their program. Some went for it others like myself took a pass.

I received a call as well today. They wanted someone in Dayton Ohio to do draw inspections. My first thought check the message board. I guess they are fishing for a lot of hands. They lady was very hard to understand, this made me leary as well. If anyone goes for let us know how it went.

I would not touch it myself.

I got a call from them last week, I don’t know much about them, except they are looking for inspectors all over the country…I heard some good and bad, so i don’t know ??? Questionable ???

Thanks RM

They are legit. Formally known as Cocamar. Hard to understand b/c of their accents, pay little, and their website software is not as good as DDN or Nationwide and others. You have to invoice them for payment. They are the only nationwide draw inspection company that requires that.

Bobby Skinner

I got the call from them yesterday and when I asked the guy with the mid-east accent where they were located, he hesitated and finally said Pennsylvania.
They sent me their email to which I declined.

I recieved a call from this company also. Looking into this company they seem to be aquiring other companies and one of them is a mortage company. These draw inspections are for new construction and remodel jobs. You have to turn an invoice into them and are only paid twice a month. This is a service that most companies use an appraiser to complete.