Any one know their holes?

When checking out a basin my client asked what are those two holes for?
I said , opps I don’t know.
catch basin (Small).JPG
outside the garage with grill cover.

My guess would be trap primer inputs if that’s a floor drain, or a place to put hoisting rigging if that’s a concrete catch basin.

If it’s neither of those, you could say that I don’t know my a55 from a hole in the ground.

not familiar with that term Marc

That is what it looks like to me also Bob.

The holes are for two metal pins to be inserted in them for the top of the manhole to be lifted from the truck and placed.

If that is the fact, the holes should of been mortared when the top (metal portion) of the catch basin was installed.

What term?

I am curious what we’re looking at here, since it lacks perspective. Is this a floor drain, or something bigger like a catch basin? If it’s a catch basin, those holes could also be for witness pipe drains to indicate that the primary standpipe style drain (orange-ish color) is clogged.

Marc outside the garage .
If you look at the right side you can see it is for storm water.(grill cover)
The driveway was down hill.
Thanks for the reply and I think Dale is right on this one.

Dale might be right, but when I see lifting holes I see something like this.

Did not know what I was looking at in the picture. Looked like a floor drain and weep holes, like a roof drain.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Yeah, but is this thing floor drain sized (4-6") or manhole sized (3’)? The picture lacks perspective.

I know Mark, if it is 4-6", so they must be weep holes. ha. ha.
I would be curious to know what that piece is in the side that looks broken.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

My guess is that is at least 20" diameter. (Needs cleaned by the way) How many bays in the garage? That odd looking stand pipe resembles and Agitator, not sure how it works, takes water to the bottom to stir. Holes indeed are place correctly for lifting.
But it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong.

Think I got a few more.(pics) not holes.
there were two others with a bigger one near by.
2 town houses were across from each other with garages each facing each other. main driveway between

DSCN5176 (Small).JPG

Hey Bob…:smiley:

They could be weep holes for surface water around the bottom exterior of the manhole top…:smiley:

If so, don’t mortar them…:smiley:

That was my first thought when I saw them.
Like the crane lift idea better though.
I stuck the driveway reflector stick in and got only a few inches before hitting something.
Now I know how other guys feel.

If the fitting is treaded at the other end they could just be holes for a device for screwing it in. Or vent holes. I think probing the hole whould help to determine its purpose. There is my two cents

My question is (and no offense meant): What in God’s green Earth ever possessed you to open an exterior drain? Is that something that is required by IL licensing?

Looks like there’s a brick collar around the top of the basin. this is done to set the top rim to it’s proper elevation. if that’s the case lifting holes would not be located there.

Michael the brick around the top is above the basin top.
Robert sometimes those holes have holes that are cast for steps or other accessories and are not in use on the model you see.
not much help, but a little perspective.

Mark, Haha
Thanks for the concern, but I always go out of my way to learn and teach what I know.
No SOP covers (covers get it) my insatiable curiosity.

Yes they are, and if you blow the picture up, you can see the holes appear to be between the brick collor and the top of the concrete basin. I set more than my fair share of catch basins and NEVER saw lifting holes in that location. Thanks for trying to help anyways

Hi Mike
So what is the answer in your opinion?