any opinion on this material

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This is a cardboard type material installed with 1x2’s with approximately a 1" gap between the roof deck and the cardboard along the inside of the roof trusses. The home was just renovated and the attic does have insulation. I’m looking for an opinion on the material and general installation. This is a first for me seeing this.

labassiere 036.JPG

Pics are tought to make out.

Is it supposed to be some type of baffle?

Is it continuous to the ridge?

Its continuous from the ridge to the soffit.



It appears to be some sort of baffle material.

I’d just make sure it is not combustible. Due to it being an unknown material, I would have torn a small piece off from a inconspicuous area and brought it outside and put my lighter to it.

It may be a homeowners feeble attempt at a radiant barrier. Was one side foil faced?

no. one side white the other brown.

Hmmmm. like toilet paper…

is there a ridge vent. may act as a funnel to pull air from soffet to ridge to help cool attic. Have not seen it used in st Louis yet. keep us informed if you find out

looks like homasote to me.

If it is as you state, it won’t do much for the attic, rather, the area between the roof deck and this material will be well ventilated.

Why are you concerned about the flammability?

You can answer your own question.

Why is attic insulation flame retardant?

But what about…framing material, roof decking, plywood attic flooring, plastic ridge vent material, rubber roof jacks, non plenum rated wiring, freon line insulation, etc, etc?

These combustibles are on top of the flame retardant insulation. Not a big deal, due to the limited protection of the flame retardant insulation.

The only reason why you want the baffles to be flame retardant is due to the penetration of the flame retardant insulation at the soffit area.

If you desire to have combustibles penetrating flame retardant insulation, it’s your house. Do as you please.

looks like thermo-ply green

some builders were using scraps for baffles, but they nailed to the rafters not on an apparent spacer

Homasote Board and appears to have been used in a useless way.


Could you see any of the roof sheathing? Could they be concealing something?

I was thinking the same thing. It goes from ridge to soffit, doesn’t sound like a baffle. A baffle would let the attic space ventilate. I would want to see what is under it.