Any other Chapter Presidents get this email?

Got this the other day in my email. Didn’t think too much about it until my friend Joe called me up and asked me if I got it too. This was sent through NACHI’s Featured Inspectors site. Take notice to the chapter association in the email (underlined by me).

A message has been sent to you via NACHI’s “Featured Inspectors” page.


Could we fly Mike Crow into PA as a guest speaker for one of your Greater Philadelphia Chapter ASHI meetings?

Mike can pay for his own transportation.

Would your members enjoy hearing him speak?

Please share your thoughts…


For a self proclaimed home inspector marketing Guru, I would think that one important skill would be for your staff to address your audience properly.

Brad is Mike’s personal secretary, looks like he needs to get his data base right before he sends out a email?


I would gladly come down to a chapter meeting and speak about the arbitration/mediation service for free. We could have a Q&A on the types of lawsuits we see, and what I have written about over the past year or so.