Any problem with this?

Found a bathtub spout in a shower stall. There is no bathtub, just a shower pan

Anyone see anything wrong with this other than splashing water if turned on with the door open?



It is obviously set up for a handicapped person. The spigot is raised so they do not have to bend over so far to pull the diverter. No problem. :smiley: :wink:

Some homeowners also install them so they can wash the little doggie off without having to go outside or outside of the little doggie’s treasured home space. Wouldn’t want the doggie to be traumatized.

I think it is a great idea you can adjust the water temp before it comes out the shower .
Also a good place to fill a pail of warm water.
Good to for washing the dog . Some of us live in a cold area.
Best of all I did it when I put in a new basement shower.
Roy Cooke …

well if Roy did it…