Any runners out there?

Anyone out there use Nike+? I’ve been running a lot lately and thought it might be fun to have an InterNACHI running challenge… Anyone interested?

I am, and I have the Nike+ for about a year. I just haven’t actually used it yet!

Well, my Nike+ ID is inxilpro. You should give it a try and friend me. Once we get a few folks on there I’ll set up an InterNACHI challenge :slight_smile:


Okay. I’ll put it in the next time I use it and setup the account online, haven’t done that part yet.

:(I tried to run once…they caught me anyway…:frowning:

Avout 30 years past my running prime myself. No longer built for speed…:frowning:

Figures, one Computer Wiz with another, have no idea what they are talking about.
I can’t run anymore either. I just give up now. :mrgreen:

I found that the best thing to do is just WALK with your hands on your head instead of in your pockets! :slight_smile:

No but you did look like you’re built for cupcakes when I met you :mrgreen:

You coming to Vegas in 2 weeks for the conference? Dale is coming out!

Cool device you put in Nike running shoes that tracks your distance, speed, etc.

I ran once, but in the end, they caught me anyway.

I think I heard that one before…:mrgreen:

Me too! :mrgreen::wink:

Oh geez, thats all I need, something in my shoes to tattle on me for how little I move…:stuck_out_tongue:

Every time I try to run, my knees remind me how old I am, so I settle for having a beer…
then I feel better…

Chris, I think that InterNACHI may be the wrong demographic for runners.

I once ran a sub 6:40 mile [in basic combat training, which was the standard for 100 on the PT exam] and a 46:11 10K [in my 30s] but those days are long behind me. Keep in mind, I’m a Clydesdale!

Nowadays, I walk around the nabe 6.5 miles in 91 minutes - while everyone is waking up - listening to Mary Black, Jane Oliver, U2, Jackson Browne, Kathy Mattea, Enya, Coldplay, Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, The Chieftains, The Pogues, and others on my iPhone.

It’s a great start to the day and one I highly recommend. Perhaps others can suggest other musicians I should consider. Recommendations are always welcome.

Crap! Guess it pays to read the thread(8\)

[quote=“jferry1, post:15, topic:41913”]

**Nowadays, I walk around the nabe…/**quote]

The nabe???

The old guy–he say, “The NABE!”…???