Any Section 8 landlords out there? I have some questions

Anyone accepting Section 8 vouchers?

We have done that a few times. We have one good Section 8 tenant that has been in the system for nearly a decade and has been 100% reliable coming up with her half of the rent on time. No issues whatsoever. However, we have had two others run into issues and do not take Section 8 tenants anymore as a result. The thing about Section 8 is that it still all depends upon the individual’s character. They behave well and follow the rules and the checks keep coming, no problem. But, if they do something to get kicked out of Section 8 (trouble with the law, for instance) and the government simply stops sending checks. Then the whole ugly deadbeat tenant situation becomes YOUR problem as landlord with absolutely no help from the government.

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Thanks. That helps.

that takes a whole different kind of investor. see above comment. been there - done that