Any Spider guys out there?

Can anyone identify this creepy little fellow?:shock:

Creepy local resident.JPG

Creepy local resident.JPG

Creepy local resident.JPG

Banana Spider

That’s it! Thanks!

We always called them that. But I believe they might be actually called golden orb?

Actually my research says that they are sometimes called Golden Silk or Golden Silk Orb spider

I’ve had the pleasure of walking right into those bad boys on the side of house (big webs). They are huge but harmless.

Not so harmless when one lands on your face…and covers it! I have seen some really large ones. The one in the pic is a “baby”! :smiley:

We had a big spider in our front yard and it turned out to be a barn spider. Every day, it makes a new web!

LOL, you’re right, I did almost hurt myself trying to get it off.