Any sugestions? mold and water damage.

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I moved in to a two bedroom basement apartment at the end of May. when I moved in I noticed and reported a leak in my bathroom coming from the ceiling over the toilet. The ceiling itself is bubbling and is weak, it seems as if every time the tenants above flush there toilet I get a leak that lasts for about a minute. In the begining it is a steady stream and after 20 seconds it slows down to a drip. On July 1st I report that the carpet in the living room was satuated(soaked)from an out side leak(After it had rained) They still haven’t done anything to remedy my soaked carpet or molding that’s growing along the wall(which I also reported). There is a bad stench in the apartment coming from the carpet. I was thinking that I should get a city health inspector to come and give there assessment. They are not moving me out until the end of the month and I’m afraid that it’ll only get worse. Does anyone have suggestions. Anything would help, thanks. icon_mad.gif

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If the leak is from a toilet mold is the least of your worries. There is probably a tennets advocacy group in your location that could give you better info. The health department is also a good bet.

Good luck