Any survivalists out there?

How much ammo do you have stored up?

You expect answers on a public thread?

I’ll take that to mean you have 1,000 rounds. LOL!

I have more than my wife wants me to have (dollar-wise) and nowhere near what I want to have. :slight_smile:

Nick, everyone is a survivalist… well almost everyone, but those that are not are the ones we should worry about.

I just keep track of who has what I need. I’m big on letting someone else do the stockpiling for me.

I operate a small militia here and recommend a minimum of 100 rounds per firearm. That may not seem like much but you have to remember ammo has a shelf life and doesn’t last forever. Nothing worst then getting in a gun fight and having bad ammo. Depending on how many firearms you have this may be upwards of 1000’s of rounds. It is strongly recommended that you use your ammo on the range and replace it yearly. Keep a small knapsack packed and ready with everything you may need to be mobile. If something happens chances are you may need to relocate with out much notice. Visit my website for more info. and remember keep it simple, your not going to run though the woods with that .50 cal very effectively.

Not saying exactly but I am well prepared. Also have about a years supply of food. Solar equipment that will run what I have to have and a generator. Have meds/ vitamins/ first aid etc to cover for about a year. SW and CB equipment as well. Yes I was a boy scout and I stay prepared.

Tucked neatly away in my Shhhhh… Bomb shelter. :smiley:

Don’t ask on a public thread dude.:roll:

Another member with 1,000 rounds. LOL!

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No guns. No ammo. No tiger traps around the house. No pungi sticks in the woods. No killing zone with 360* enfilading fields of fire. And the rumours of crossbows and a small nuke? LIES I TELL YOU. LIES LIES LIES . . . . .

Down in Mississippi we love our guns and Governor. I got pulled over the other night at a road check and the cop looked in my window and said, ok you can go on. I can’t say that for the cat with 28" wheels and Tennessee (Memphis) tags in front of me.

Wow when i lived there i had 28 Long guns, and lots of ammo bought by the case .
No Hand guns of course . Just think i Lived North of you lolol;-)

I have zero guns and no desire to buy one.

Why do I get the feeling Nick is not talking about guns and ammunition.?