Any thoughts as to the cause of this damage?

I found one isolated area of damage on an otherwise decent roof.
I am curious as to what may have caused this damage. Any thoughts?

Looks like something decompose on it . any missing cats.?

Previous home inspector’s skid marks?

Was Charley up there? :wink:

I would guess that it is man made damage that is progressively worsening with time. Recommend correction from a roofer, cheap fix…

Any chance a down spout discharges to the spot(or used to)?

Something mechanically damaged that spot.

No downspouts and nothing overhead. Damage was deep enough that the fiberglass was visible.

All the damage looks to be below the 5" circle at the upper side of the roof.

Something sat there.

Who know what?

Do cows fly in NH?

Could be a landing and watch perch for a bird of prey and his sharp talons are tearing up the shingle, or a climbing spot for a cat…

Aliens. First corn fields, now rooftops.

Based on the location, it could be from a satellite dish bracket. They “sealed” the penetrations after removal.

What is on the attic side? Could a range hood vent pipe stop beneath shingles and be baking them?

There’s no way to say for sure, but something softened the upper layer of asphalt and it looks it me like it was dissolved chemically, not removed by mechanical action. My vote is for a spill of liquid containing a solvent of some sort.

I agree not mechanical

My wife makes coffee that could do that.

If you can drop a horse shoe in your cup and it floats its good coffee;-)

Only if it’s a shoe for a draft horse… :shock: None of that quarter horse light weight stuff.

With the muddy look to it, I immediately thought it looked a little like the base of a hornet’s nest. It’s a weird place for it, but I’ve learned to never assume it can’t happen. Maybe someone tore it off and took the granular surface with it.

It’s too exposed and would get too hot for a hornet’s nest. They usually build beneath roof overhangs or in attics.

During a hot day somebody cut tree branches and one fell on it end first?