Any thoughts on these?

image image imageimage . Basement has been freshly painted, there were a few typical vertical settlement cracks that were concealed.

Looks like a standard shrinkage crack that is typical going down the side of the window.
Moisture meters might not be accurate on concrete and parging or coatings.
Unless there is water coming in through the crack, I would not be to concerned.

Hope you were not being held captive in a basement for 5 years, welcome back!

Do you have a pic of the exterior of this area? would like to see the type of cladding used.

First two picks appear to be cracks in parging or mortar from here. Not an issue, if that what the photos depict.
The cracks in the wall are typical shrinkage cracks, as Marcel said. No issue there either IMHO
Moisture meter readings are worthless.

image image . Here are some photos from the outside. I didn’t think it was a big deal either, but just wanted to get some other opinions.

I just typically don’t give the forum too much though typically, although I should because it’s been an invaluable source for second opinions & resources. The exterior is brick cladding. The only concern I really had was that the homeowner never lived in the home, and he took the time to recently paint the basement. There were several vertical cracks that were well concealed.
image image ![image|640x480]image (upload://tmEQaI1YdxD5fHmH6Q3UwuXGAeV.jpeg)

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Looks like a clean basement. What is that additional layer on the floor?

I’m actually inside picking up my radon machine now. The floor has carpet which looked like a large section of the carpeting was cut out

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Radon level is at 4.1, if you were curious

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