Any thoughts on THT

**Tech. Equip. said this is the same price, $1000 as the E4 and has many more features than the E4. I just never heard of THT…

HT Instruments THT 45 Thermal Imager (80 x 80)

120 X 120 is the resolution for a entry level camera.

I wouldn’t waste my money on ANY brand that is only 80 x 80!

They had the best price when I bought my FLIR T400.

I learned a long time ago that price (initial price, that is) should not be the primary consideration when buying anything. First, it must meet your requirements or minimum standard. If the item achieves that then, and only then consider price.

I have a E40BX. It met my minimum standards at the time of purchase and is still useful, but would love a E60BX 2nd. gen.

Yes, thank you all, but was wondering about the THT brand? Any ideas?