Any tips for an inspector relocating from Ohio?

Hi gentlemen. I could not think of a better place to ask for any tips, pointers or information on doing inspection work in Florida. I am relocating from Ohio and have been doing inspections since 2011. The investor that I work for is going to relocate me there in the next several months.

Just curious as to if any of you guys can let me know of any snags or things I may not be thinking of? Obviously I know the main differences relating to climate, but is there anything else I should read up and study on before coming down. I will be there around mid July.

I will be in the Tampa area and also would greatly appreciate anyone that wouldn’t mind a ride along at some point.

Any information would be helpful.

Hello Jerry, I can’t help with the inspection side because I’m still studying for the exam but I live about half an hour north of Tampa. If you have any general questions about the area perhaps I can be of assistance. Welcome and good luck.

Vote for Joe Biden in November! Other than that, keep informed on the MB and you’i do fine.

You’re now free to inspect the inside of an electrical panel.


I’ll be a half hour north as well, we are building in Wesley Chapel.

Stephen I’m not sure I follow…I have always opened the panels since day one in the business. Is there some joke or saying about Ohio panels lol?

The responses should be fun for that question.

That’s pretty close to me. If you take SR 54 about 20 minutes west that’s where I am, Trinity.

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Don’t come to Florida…We got poisonous snaked, spiders, blood sucking insects, plenty of roaches and high taxes .

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Jerry, you’ll be in my area just North of me and with you being a CPI, I’ll do your progress Inspections ’with’ you and we’ll call it a ride along all day!


Oh yeah… Roy is right about the snakes and blood sucking insect! I never get bit if Mama or the kids are around me… they taste better!

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Watch out Roy, us Yankees are coming down!!

What’s the matter with you people…
I’m down here…Uh Huh?
Beware yankees …You bet ya!

funny that’s kind of How I pictured Roy …

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Get ready to sweat, Jerry…

I’m looking to relocate my OHIO inspection company to Florida also. Looking to reside in the North Port or Venice area. Seems to be no shortage of homes selling down there.

Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)

Here’s some practical advice. Good luck!

What Roy said…yup

Thanks for the tips so far. I am looking more or less for things that you veterans feel are unique to Florida. I realize the change in climate is obvious, but in my situation I am neither a new inspector, nor setting up a new business there. Just looking to be proactive on any things it may be helpful to study up on…

These are a few things I have been looking at:

Special requirements for wind mitigation
Lack of basement ( so more crawls and slabs than I normally see)
WAY more EIFS and stucco
Mostly block construction (rather than mostly wood-frame)

That’s just a beginning list.

What else?

Almost all new 2 stories are block on the first floor and traditional timber on the second floor.