Any tips on speed?

Hey guys,

I have the HIP and HIP mobile.  I did an inspection using the default template and it seemed to take me a while to get through all the final touches.  I know that speed comes with experience but for a new user I am asking if you have any tips on speeding up the report process.  What are your favorite templates?  Any tips on good things to modify that have worked for you?  I am liking the software so far and the HIP support seems second to none! Thanks for any feedback!

The only way to get any faster is a custom template that follows your personal pattern and comments rather than copy .

When using a standard template is there a way to not have some of the info appear on the report? i.e. When inspecting an electric water heater I don’t like the look of putting N/A next to gas valve condition. Could I eliminate certain things like that off the report? Or is it common to have a few "N/A"s on a report? thanks

Never ever have I used that .
Standard template ?

You report SOP requirements and issues only.

The default template sucks.

As Bob says, you really have to create your own. Or get one from the HIP user forum and modify it.

HIP really should come with a warning “assembly required”.

There is a setting to only print what is commented on.

I would never comment on not available gas valve to an electric water heater (granted, I rarely ever see electric water heaters here in Los Angeles). Much like I don’t comment on the non-exist straps on a tankless water heater.

Thanks guys looks like I need to get to work on a template of my own.

I’ve been using a template that another inspector gave me (which was very helpful), which I modified to my style of inspecting. He is a desktop guy, I wanted to use mobile and have realized that with mobile the template needs to be set up for optimization with mobile. For sure set up your own template ASAP, once you get busy it will only be harder.

Go to Report Settings->Options->Item Options and uncheck “Print items even if no comments are selected” to set HIP to not print items with no comments (or ratings on).

Ian, the default template has changed quite a bit since you first used it years ago. You may want to check it out at some point! There is definitely a lot in it though as it’s easier to delete than hadd. Of course nothing is as good as customizing things to fit you personally though.

The default does suck. Lol
Best one is many years old… Canadian.

The default is less than a year old. Unless you’ve deleted yours you won’t see it as HIP will never replace a template you already have.

I don’t see what the big deal is of making your own template. I did. I did it the way I inspect.

Is the default optimized for mobile?