Any way to change my user name?

When I set everything up I set my user name but I would like to change it to my full first name “Eugene Hacker”.

I can not see a place in the control panel to change it. I am likely just not seeing it.

Anyhow any input would be appreciated.

Some how I changed it without realizing it.

Sorry for the post.

it appears to be that from what I see now?

Don’t let it happen again :slight_smile:



Thanks Michael.

I have been lurking for a couple months. Both reading live posts and doing countless searches. It is a great resource.

Lots of “lurkers” here. Welcome.

My last post showed up as the user name “ehacker” then when I refreshed the screen it changed to “Eugene Hacker”. Weird.

above all else.

Nowhere else can one find more info or help in becoming a great inspector than joining InterNACHI :smiley:

ehacker is your username and often when you are logged in, you and only you see your name as ehacker. The rest of us and the world sees your full name.

That’s normal.

Come back in a few minutes and it will be OK.

Michael J. Meeker, From my limited perspective I know you are right. I bought the class books and videos from couple other training providers and completed them before taking the classes from InterNACHI. The classes on this site were so much more complete.

And InterNACHI’s courses get deeper and better over time. We’re always adding to them and improving them.

Please just call me Meeker or any of the other of things I am called around here.

I just put my full name there for business / licensing reasons :slight_smile:

Welcome to the non lurking side of the message board Eugene. If that’s really your name :slight_smile:

Troy, we don’t have Lurkers here do we? :wink:

Eugene, Welcome and good luck.

Feel free to ask anything here that we can help you with. :slight_smile: