Anybody can tell me what this pump is for?

I haven’t seen this before. This was installed on the floor in the garage a few feet from the gas water heater. The pump is made by GRUNDFOS if that helps…My guess is that it boosts water pressure in the house, but that is just a guess.

Good guess. That would be mine as well. Was there an expansion/pressure tank on the system?

That would be my guess, too, Greg. My brother-in-law just gave me an older one like that.

No. The equipment in the photo was the only equipment installed.

Water pressure booster…

Thanks. The first time I have ever seen one installed.

It looks like it could be a hot water recirculating pump. I see them all the time here in PHX. Not sure why we need them in the summer, with PEX piping the cold water is HOT.:cool:

Good Info from someone on my list even though some feel it is SPAM

How was the pump energized electrically, with a pressure switch or was it manually operated

When you drive down Interstate 65 traveling north through Brentwood at old Hickory Boulevard you will notice that there are no water towers on top of the hills (no one wants to look at them) but Terri Clark’s house sits out on top of everything. All of these houses built on the hills are at/above the water towers, therefore they have no water pressure.

Now on the other hand, Waylon Jenning’s house (which is just below Terry’s old house) has great water pressure! It’s at the bottom of the hill.