Anybody Else Going to IR/INFO and InfraMation?

Just booked my flight to Orlando and already looking forward to Vegas!

I’d love the opportunity to meet a few of you old-schoolers and buy you a beer(or coke). I’d also like to meet a few of you just to pick your brains and possibly have the opportunity to learn a few things.

I obviously haven’t been at this as long as many of you but I’m not planning on going anywhere so hopefully I can get the opportunity to get to know a few of you.

Please let me know if any of you plan on attending either event?

Did you say you were taking your level 1 there?

United Infrared will be at both events as a Vendor and also several of our technical directors of our programs are speaking. If you would like to attend a free webinar tonight on Moisture, you are welcome to attend.

You can call anytime and we will be happy to discuss IR with you.

FYI: I have been a home inspector for over 15 years and have built a pretty successful IR Business which is what led to the opening of United Infrared.

Peter Hopkins
My direct line is 760-593-2339

Hey Peter,

I want be taking Level 1 in Vegas but I’ll be taking Level 1 at the IR/INFO in Orlando. I couldn’t pass up the Level 1 training voucher.

I’m trying to get all my study material together now. I’d be quite upset if I flew all the way to Orlando and failed the test on the first day, haha