Anybody ever offered an infrared only home inspection option?

I realize some States don’t allow such things but I’m in the wild West to where you don’t even have to speak English to be called a home inspector.

When I look at my inspection reports, the thermal imaging portions provide the main meat an potato’s of what information is most important(in my opinion).

If I didn’t have to waste so much time documenting the materials and brands, I could do the full thermal imaging portion in about an hour for around $150

Roof leaks
Plumbing leaks
Windows-Doors-Exterior-Interior for moisture intrusions
Foundation moisture/leaks
Hidden moisture
Electrical concerns
HVAC systems
Significant Insulation/energy concerns

I also realize all the legalities of needing an additional an specific inspection agreement.

I’m mainly wondering about the demand or if there is a demand to begin with? I’m not dead set on the idea nor have I really thought it all out so try not to shred my *** to pieces.

Just a thought I’m having in a very unusual dry spell I’ve been going through over the last week.

Demand? I wish, :shock: It’s starting to pick up, I think…

[quote=“swaskewicz, post:2, topic:61309”]

Demand? I wish, :shock: It’s starting to pick up, I think…

Starting to get crazy here again having another oil boom been working 7 days a week trying to catch up

What the hell is a Home Inspection?

I haven’t done one since last Thanksgiving!

Made more money this 1st Qtr than all last year.

What are you asking?

Just why can’t you modify a home inspection with the clients signature?

The only thing you need to do is be sure you have insurance when you do it, (unless your a real good thermographer… & and you like Vegas Odds!)