Anybody got any good "Bat-Pole" verbiage?

From todays inspection, just when you think you have seen it all :shock:

S5001105 (Small).JPG

No I’m not joking :frowning:

You all gotta see the “man-cave” out back

S5001119 (Small).JPG

Shame you can’t see the indoor full sized Racketball court in the rear :wink:


Looks like the same pole at the strip joint at Ulmerton & 275—:smiley:

I might have the street intersections mixed up but I bet you know which establishment I’m talking about—:stuck_out_tongue:

Was this a converted firehouse by any chance?

That’s pretty :cool: Gerry.

No way Dale the one in there is chrome… ooopps :oops: I mean so I’m told :wink:



No a 2005 SFH here in central Florida



I reported that the batmobile turn table was not operating at the time of the inspection:D 2004 EIFS from hell

What’s up with you people in Florida? :shock:
Always heard youse were all ‘batty’… :twisted:
or is it because of all the ‘old bats’ that retire there???:stuck_out_tongue:


Recommend further evaluation by Bruce Wayne (or Alfred).

BTW - Did it function as intended, Gerry? :slight_smile:

Wait a second… Bat Pole? Bat Cave? Florida?

Something doesn’t add up here.

Any “bat cave” in Florida would be more of a “bat swimming pool” wouldn’t it?

We have sink holes down here, kind backwards like some other things:D

I bet he tested it!:stuck_out_tongue: Well… I would have and Gerry is bloody baty

I prefer to think of myself as slightly eccentric :wink:



Ok, yea, slightly :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll go with that… How have you been?