Anybody know about Earth Shelters?

Hello! I need to get in contact with an inspector in Western Washington that has experience with Earth Shelters, or homes that are built into a berm. Please respond if you or someone you know in Western Washington has experience with these types of dwellings.


Kenton does.

He wrote

Chris, there are no courses to qualify inspectors to inspect earth-sheltered homes. The article is a good place to start. If the home was built in an area in which it was inspected by a building department then you have an advantage, especially if it was built recently, like in the last 10 years, because there’s a good chance there will be plans on file.

If it was built in the 70’s, inspection by building departments was sometimes less common and a lot of people had great ideas about building using alternative methods that didn’t turn out to be so great, so try hard to look at the home from a hard, neutral viewpoint rather than a romantic, emotional one.

Thank you! Very helpful