Anybody know what these are they were observed in an attic

Observed these in an attic strung together by wire. I’m guessing some type of antennae but not sure. Thanks in advance.

they almost look like old AM radio antenna’s

Millennials are afraid of tin foil hats!

Looks like those communication devices made from string and cans that I played with when I was a kid haha.

I would advise my client to inquire of the seller as to what these atypical, unidentified devices are.

People do weird shit sometimes. Let them explain the rationale for their own weird shit

Thanks for the help. I did tell him to consult with the seller as to what they are.

Looks like a dipole antenna.
Used for AM-FM-CB-amateur ham radio.

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Yep! I’m a Ham and that is an antenna coil.