Anybody out their ?

No Phone Calls ?
What Gives ?
I Hope Joining NACHI Was Not A Joke .

Hello Wallace. What type of phone calls are you looking for?

Phone calls from who?

Anybody out their what? :lol:

Their are a lot of guys like Erol.

There sense of humor is a bit unique.


Say it aint so…:mrgreen:

Mike please give Wallace a call…he sounds a bit lonely !!!

Ya Mike, go ahead and give him a call! Wallace, be careful what you wish for ! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Be very careful;-)


Not only is INACHI a very educational web site, but it’s also the biggest bang for the buck entertainment value hands down. :smiley:


When I get this way, calling my VM and hearing my voice reassures me all is well in the universe


If you joined NACHI for the phone leads, you joined for the wrong reason.

Education, Education, and Education are the three biggest benefits of this organization. The other stuff is nice (REALLY NICE), but that’s bonus. Stick around for a while, and you’ll get your money’s worth!


You need to be careful how you phrase your posts. Don’t be surprised if you receive a call from some guy in Schaumburg, Il whose found your name in a mens room with wording like “If you’re looking for a good time call…”.:twisted:

"Anybody out their](". Has that got something to do with outing gay home inspectors like Dumbledore in a Harry Potter novel? Or did you really mean to ask… Anybody out there?

If Nick is willing to send you back your membership fee I would use it to take remedial English course if I were you. :slight_smile:

Go to benefits, & Marketing and start making it happen! Be creative, relentless, & down right… don’t take no for an answer! Now go get the tools and get started man! What the he!! you waiting for!


What is your number?

If you need to talk on the phone I only charge a dollar a minute. But that might not be what yu’re looking for?

My voice mail does nothing for me. I need to go do a roof top deck inspection at UD. :mrgreen: :shock:


What exactly do you mean by this question?

I have seen many questions asked through the years here, and frankly I don’t really know what your actually asking.

You hope joining the only inspector association which has more education available and marketing ideas than any other one on the planet will make your phone ring?

Sorry, but you lost me, are you asking having your name, website (if you have one), on all the different “Inspector Locator” sites INACHI owns will make your phone ring?

I don’t know if I ever received an inspection by being on the various Inspector Locator sites or not, and really do not care. I did not join hoping my phone would ring from someone wanting an inspection quote, but my phone has rang from many of the great friends I have met here, and I have called many of them also…if you want one of use to call you I will, if you don’t understand what the association is for.

This association too me is for inspector information shared here on this MB, marketing ideas, what works for some, what does not for others, what might work in some parts of the country may not work in others, education, education, education…I do not believe I have ever come to this message board and didn’t learn something, or find a different way to do something, whether it be marketing, or how to inspect or evaluate something differently.

There is a “Joke Section” on this message board also, you could check that out to if there isn’t anything else here you don’t already know or want to learn.

If you read through all the marketing ideas in the marketing section here, and don’t increase your business, you’re doing something wrong.

Let us know what you mean by your post, we will help you believe me.

I think he was expecting staff to call and welcome him or something.

Staff is pretty busy with stuff like

Welcome though.